Our goals

Firstly, I should definitely say I am a complete beginner in breeding. But I have already established several breeding rules in my mind. Primary we want to focus on health. Secondary on dog’s character and exterior. Main rules I will never step away from in my kennel:

  • I will always breed the way Australian shepherd could benefit from. I will try to breed overseas with lineage not very much present in Czech Republic/Europe.
  • I will not breed my bitch with a dog with DKK worse than 1/1, OFA good.
  • I will not breed my bitch with a dog with HSF4 -/-, +/- or not even tested on HSF4.
  • I will never allow breed where is a possibility for puppies to have CEA, PRA -/- or positive. I will do my best to find completely clear and healthy dog, but I am afraid that it is not going to work out the way I would like. I can not prevent carriers being in our breeds. If I breed with a dog DNA +/- or -/- I will test your chosen puppy on your request and I will cover all expenses for you to know if the puppy is a carrier or clear.
  • I will never breed with a dog without scissors and who does not have full teeth.
  • On the buyer’s request I could keep the puppy until secondary teeth grow up.
  • I will always try to do my best to find as much information as possible about lineage of dogs who we breed with, specifically about possible dysplasia, epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid problems, natures, aggression problems and diseases in the given line.
  • I want to breed dogs with lower height and weight than how it is used to breed here in Czech Republic. I will definitely pick a standard-coloured dog for breeding who had at least one litter in the past.
  • All puppies that are not born with NBT will be docked. If you want to have a puppy with a tail you have to tell me beforehand.
  • I will never conceal to future owners any diseases or other negative aspects of our dogs. You can be sure that you are buying exactly the puppy you wanted with precise information about parents.
  • I will be always happy to help and advise owners of puppies we bred. I will provide them 24/7 support, even if they call me at midnight asking for help. I would love to stay in touch with owners.
  • Breeding service and presentation on shows is matter of course.


    Our next litter is planned in 2017.